Joe Fitzgerald had a real love for trucks and the need to

make a living, so he founded Joe Fitzgerald Trucking.  In

1937, Joe bought a used 1937 Ford bobtail truck to haul

bundles to a threshing machine. The business was

operated out of his home.


Joe hauled anything he could load on the truck. Specifically,

agricultural commodities such as cattle, pigs, sheep, cotton,

hay, or grain, also coal, bricks, and rock for construction

projects. Joe hauled used household goods moving families

into and out of Minco. The most unusual load was German

prisoners of war during World War II from Ft. Reno to

farmers’ fields in the area.


His son, Larry Joe Fitzgerald completed college in 1962 and

joined his dad full time. He had already been working part

time since 1958. They added their first livestock semi-trailer

in 1965 and added another one shortly after that.

Larry Joe bought the business in 1978, operating the business from his home also. Larry Joe hauled livestock and rock until 1982 when he bought his first pneumatic tank trailer. This trailer enabled them to haul cement and frac sand.


Joey Fitzgerald, Joe’s grandson, started like his dad - riding with Joe and Larry from a young age. Joey started working part-time in 1987 until he graduated from Oklahoma State University in 1991. After graduation, he started driving and working to expand the pneumatic business. Joey’s wife, Holly, joined Fitzgerald Trucking later as office manager. By this time Larry had enlarged the business to 16 trucks and trailers.


In 2006, Larry Joe decided it was time for him to become semi-retired, so he sold Fitzgerald Trucking to Joey and Holly. Since that time, Fitzgerald Trucking has expanded to 30 trucks and 37 trailers operating across 7 states. Fitzgerald Trucking serves the energy and construction markets in their operating area hauling cement and fly ash. They are the primary pneumatic carrier serving the Oklahoma City market and have been fortunate to have been involved in some of the high profile projects in OKC. For example, the Devon Tower, the I-40 cross-town realignment, and the Will Rogers Airport terminal remodel and expansion.


To help with this growth, Fitzgerald Trucking moved into their new offices east of Minco in 2012. The office complex includes a 4 bay maintenance facility with amenities for drivers such as showers and break room. This facility has been an asset for Fitzgerald Trucking.


Joey and Holly are carrying the legacy of safety and customer service, started by Joe and Larry, into the 21st Century.